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About Us - BackendDevelopmentCompany

We are a full-cycle backend development company and services provider to businesses with technologically complex server-side coding requirements.

We can help you launch, maintain, and optimise your business software backend, over flexibly-modelled, remote engagement methods. Our fast-tracked onboarding process helps businesses cut their search time down so they can focus more on productivity. read more


Technologies we use

BackendDevelopmentCompany can assist your business in putting your best foot forward in the Digital Age. Our full-cycle and requirement-specific solutions are tailored to meet the technological necessities of your software backend. read more

Why choose us?

BackendDevelopmentCompany has gained a steady reputation in a short span of time for assisting every client from startups, SME/SMBs, to enterprise-scale businesses with technically proficient and client-centric services. Our versatile team of backend engineering professionals caters to a competitive grade of service, not just in terms of price, but quality assurances, such as below.




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Why should you Hire Backend developers from us?

BackendDevelopmentCompany has made a name for itself for setting a high-quality benchmark for backend engineering. Hence, businesses from near and abroad outsource their requirements to us for consistent quality service and operational efficiency.

We can offer a refined standard of GoLang, Kotlin, Django, and C++ backend engineering. This allows us to match clients with dedicated development resources based on technological compatibility.

Our backend developers can help meet your backend engineering needs at the SLA-obligated pace. Our Back-end web development services also entitle your business to some strict service quality assurances.

Bespoke backend mobile app development

Do you have a dream application idea that can disrupt any given domain in the mobile app marketplace? We can help your startup business finetune and launch your maiden applications with premium-grade, technologically sound backend engineering.

Do you need a technically consummate and dedicated backend specialist team to support your enterprise-scale operations? We help large-sized businesses address their mobile app backend woes in the nick of time.

BackendDevelopmentCompany’s engineers can implement their wisdom for any bespoke backend engineering requirement- be it an on-demand mobile service app, enterprise app, FinTech, social networking and communications, et al.

Our specialists can dexterously optimise your mobile app’ backend code, so they execute faster; or, we can integrate it with a prime quality MBaaS solution for mobile.

Resultantly, your server-side requests complete faster assuring a satisfactory UX; and, you can scale to support more users, seamlessly across diverse mobile platforms.

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Our Engagement Model

We have a client-centric cooperation model that helps businesses from any domain, or of any size. Reach out to us for our consistent quality Kotlin, Django, Python, C++ backend development. You may pick any one of the following models to work with us.


Full Time

It Includes:
160 Hours
Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email
Hiring Period:
Project Tracker:
Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, etc

Dedicated Team

It Includes:
Team Members:
1 (PM), 1 (QA), 4 (Developers)
Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email
Hiring Period:
Project Tracker:
Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, etc


It Includes:
Hourly Basis
Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email
Hiring Period:
24 Hours per Month
Project Tracker:
Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, etc

Offshore Dev Center

It Includes:
160 Hours
Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email
Hiring Period:
Project Tracker:
Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, etc

How do we recruit the top backend developers for hire?

The BackendDevelopmentCompany onboarding process is incredibly fast and ensures a rapid solution to your backend engineer searches. Our resources are available as soon as you-


Revert if not satisfied

If you are not happy with the performance of any of the dedicated resources, you need only revert to us. We share a list of CVs for replacement talent who can be immediately screened and supplanted on the team.

Interview talent

Before hiring them you can scrutinise and assess their backend app development skill. Interviews can be organised for F2F virtual screenings where you and your in-house team can vet the resources to see if they meet your quality expectations.

Add to your dedicated Team

Once you are satisfied with the team, the production environment is prepared and a POC is appointed who helps supervise the progress over the most efficient PM platforms and tools.

These project managers use their experience in completing past web portal, server, and backend mobile app development projects to accelerate delivery and ensure routine reports.

Drop your query

Send your backend app development requirements through our contact form. Our team shall analyse it for the technical necessities, goals, budget, etc. They will advise you on the feasibility, framework, and budgetary aspects of the same. You may pick an engagement model post-service quote estimation.

Handpick portfolios

We share a list of CVs belonging to our top backend software development resources that are compatible with your requirement. This comprises all the separate roles that need to be fulfilled for your job order.


Hire dedicated backend developers with the best practices

Any software engineering service from BackendDevelopmentCompany connects you with seasoned, certified Backend developers. Our backend software development can make agile software development a rewarding and investment-worthy experience for your business.

The best backend development company for full-cycle services

We offer TDD and BDD for any custom business workflow. We prepare custom test suites that help us assert your business logic before real-time integration. This is what enables us to render requirement-specific solutions. read more

Latest backend software development methodologies

We have both senior engineers who can manage your project dexterously for the fastest service delivery and support. They can offer guidance and advisory to your team members, help bridge communication between our dedicated assets and your in-house team, etc. read more

Cybersecurity savvy backend development services

Hire engineers proficient in PaaS-based microservice tooling. Deploy, automate, scale, and reconfigure Kubernetes and Docker containers across any number of premium services for an optimal tech VS cost balance. read more

Scalable backend development on a budget

We catalyse your enterprise application/commercial software/CMS WordPress backend development/website to cater to more users across desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and watches, and even IoT systems with improved features and performance over time. read more

Our Portfolio

Behold our curated showcase of software projects that have successfully helped retain esteemed clients and increased their ROI.


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What our client says?

We let our clients share the final verdict on the quality and success of our work. This is what they have to say.

Loyalty Platform

Executive Director, Chile

Blockchain solutions


Marketplace for trading files/tools

Owner & Founder, Denmark

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any queries? Let us answer any doubts you may have about what you can get from our top-rated services.

The best backend development company is one that understands your business requirement end-to-end. They have a proven track record of serving clientele with custom-tailored solutions that should not look derivative of each other, even if the clients belong in the same domain.

Another attribute of the best backend iOs services and Android services, is the ability to adapt to the client’s work culture. They should move through the service life-cycle with agility that befits the client’s needs. Their tooling, communication, collaboration, and service methodology should bear a similarity.

Another pivotal attribute to look for in these companies is the ability to produce solutions for emerging platforms with iOS or Kotlin backend development. Platform-responsive services are likely to help you reach more customers.

Some more solemn criteria include how the development service treats the source code, their affordability, engagement model flexibility, roster size, and availability.

Startup companies do not have the same budget or workforce size as large enterprises. Their target demographic is far niched, and their infrastructural and skilling quotient is also low. Hence, startups have to search along some predefined criteria to find the right backend development company for them.

The Google results page is your startup’s best friend for references. Find out which companies rank the highest, by running relative keyword searches. The best backend web development company that has a good track record in serving startups should have a large digital presence documenting the best of their solutions as case studies.

If you can find their products or their clients on the internet too, then you can assess their service and output quality. For both productivity models and budgetary reasons, look into the type of service engagement models they have before you contact them.

Several notable services come to mind when one has to choose a technology for backend development. However, you must remember to always choose a technology that complements your service requirement.

Your team must ponder first- whether they need a server-side language like Python or Java? Or if they would like to use a database server like Oracle or the Microsoft SQL server? For transaction-based applications, you may require an application server, like the IBM Websphere, or Apache Tomcat.

Some more factors you may wish to consider while narrowing down the right backend technology, are the problem domain, the language characteristic, and the availability and cost of the technical expertise. The cost of Kotlin, GoLang, Python, C++, and Django backend development vary from each other.

Backend development is the task of devising a method for the underlying data repositories to interact with the front end interface facing the user. The backend systems store data and the logical systems via which this data is created, read, updated, and deleted.

Every software requires a backend if it has an underlying business logic and data storage and manipulation features. This includes websites, applications on mobiles, software we use on desktops, etc.

Modern back end development requires a developer/engineer to know the syntax for diverse database server technologies, programming languages (Java, C++, Python backend web development.) and libraries, frameworks (like Python’ Django, Flask), etc.

Full-stack back end developers must have a working knowledge of JS front ends, HTML, and CSS preprocessing for Progressive-Web services. They must also have knowledge of data structures and algorithms. Knowledge of version control and web hosting are also essential to their app and website backend development skill set.

The cost depends on several factors. Firstly, your business has to specify whether it is looking to build a single-page, multi-page, or progressive-web application or website. The cost of design, features, hosting and backend technology and subsequent skill requirements influence the cost.

To develop a business website/app backend with transactional and informational functionality, you need to estimate a budget between $1000-$50000. Small, mid-sized, and enterprise-scale business’ websites with WordPress to Golang backend development, vary in cost based on the size and complexity.

Businesses or any other portals that only deal with information distribution require far less complexity and security provisioning. They can range from $1000-$10000. Similarly, personal blogs, which are mostly composed of API-driven CMSes, are mostly static or moderately dynamic, e.g. WordPress backend development. They have a price tag similar to information-catering software.

eCommerce websites that rely on security features, mobile responsiveness, payment systems, store design, and diverse user type management- can range between $1000-$25000 for Python, GoLang, or Kotlin backend development.

Those in need of Java backend development for a robust web DBMS backend can look forward to the Spring framework. Spring boot can be useful omitting the very little overhead that the framework has w.r.t. configuration management, cloud security, monitoring, etc.

For complex Python-based projects, you can use the Django framework, for its code reusability benefits. It also has out-of-the-box REST API support and extensive documentation support too. Flask is another micro-framework that you can use for lightweight Python programming.

Express.JS is a JavaScript library that is widely adopted as a part of the MERN stack. It is a framework for Node Java backend development specialists who wish to build extremely performant but lightweight applications.

The Fiber framework is an extremely lean option for GoLang programmers who wish to build web services with third-party libraries such as Martini. Fibre has extensive REST API support, middleware support, template engines, and memory footprint services.

Swift and Kotlin backend development are suitable for iOS and Android platform devices, respectively.

In 2022, JavaScript is still an excellent candidate for dynamic website and application backend development. JavaScript is extremely lightweight, easy to learn, and has better control over function definition and codebase segregation. Modern JS frameworks have in-built validation, object management, and extensive community support.

Python backend web development is more appropriate for software backend that involves data science, machine learning, and other complex analytical/mathematical functionalities. Python frameworks like Django and Flask are quite replete with full-stack development tools. There are also several libraries dedicated to various mathematical calculations and operations for Python.

Kotlin is suitable for Android backend engineering. The language operates on the Java Virtual Machine. It offers excellent functional programming protocols, null-safe operators, precise syntax, and bug-detection assistance.

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